/ Sad

“If he would stay in the White House, keep his mouth shut, and not make a fool of himself, disgusting friend and foe alike…the President of the United States might command some respect.” Potter County Journal, 1866, on Andrew Johnson’s “Swing Around the Circle” train tour.
At this particular crisis
of the American people, I cling to the Constitution–
notwithstanding a mendacious press,
that common gang of cormorants and bloodsuckers–
the pains Congress has taken to malign
what all patriotic men should rally round:
there is no power that can control me.
Before I would see this Government destroyed
I would send every Negro back to Africa.
I will indeed be your Moses.
There are a good many people
but this is a country for white men,
hence you can see why I have been assaulted.
I hand over to you this flag, though imprisoned;
I feel confident you agree to the same great doctrine.
If these are your tender mercies, God,
We have shattered the mentality,
the broken promises, jobless recoveries, tired platitudes–
nobody has done anything like I’ve been able to do.
I alone can fix
that strong border. They want a wall,
that Chinese virus I call it because
when somebody is president of the U.S. that authority is total
to silence your voices on social media.
They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crimes. Sad!
And then you get into legal semantics
on both sides. So we had a campaign.
Sorry, women, thank you for that big victory!
It’s called total acquittal and now
I am your voice. I view everybody as a threat,
except for possibly Abe Lincoln.
Trust me. There will be no lies.